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Issues (function () {(‘application-page-view-desktop’);}); Border Guard is a simulation game developed by Cocopo and published by Cheesecake. The game offers an interactive simulation of the work of immigration officials, similar to Papers. The game is set up in the countryside of Stavronka, where everyone is unemployed. The state of Stavronskana decides to allow the player to work on them. As a family member, players must work as an immigration officer. Their job is to interview and test people crossing the border. They must check whether a person is hiding or smuggling lethal weapons. The state may issue new immigration rules or policies, so players must adapt effectively. Another goal of the game is to keep the family of players alive. They must also pay the bills and medication for the sick family member. It is also a choice to become a member of an underground society to take down land, play games or eat food.

Border Officer