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Put simply, Blender is a 3D content creation said, youd be hard pressed to say that anything else about this program is simple – reviewing Blender was like one of those nightmares where you suddenly realize that you are in deep water, but dont know how to (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Full of featuresAmazing in its variety, flexibility and features, Blender is huge, and a single review just doesn’t seem to do it justice. For the uninitiated, the interface is overwhelming. There are bunches of panels and bars, all full of explanations and icons, with tooltips for everything. It is also completely customizable, as you can add and remove sections as desired, as well as moving them around and the options menus are Blenders functions, ranging from rigging and modeling to animation and game creation. In fact, Blender 3D has so many features that listing them all here would take hours, so take a peek at the definitive guide here. Among the more surprising elements included in the program are a built-in text editor, audio playback/editing and a game learning curveBlender has no configuration options to speak of as all the program’s features can be toggled from the main interface. It is really a program for experts, or for users who hope to become much more proficient. Although there are good Blender tutorials on the website, this 3D modeling program is not something to casually play around with. Beginners would probably be better off, in fact, having a look at something more accessible, such as Google 3D creation is your thing and you don’t have a copy of Blender, you’re almost certainly missing is a hugely impressive 3D modeling program that is likely to scare off the menus crashed on ‘enter’, and a lot more!ChangesSome menus crashed on ‘enter’, and a lot more!