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Process Lasso is a unique new technology that improves the responsiveness and stability of your computers, among other things: Windows programs can monopolize the processor without restriction, resulting in crashes and crashes. Process Lassos ProBalance (Process Balance) technology intelligently adjusts the priority of program execution so that badly behaved or overly active processes do not adversely affect your ability to use your computer!


Prevent Processes from Monopolizing Processor (s)

Dynamic optimization of ProBalance priorities

Processor Optimization (New)

Keep the process priorities for future cases

Save the process to the processor




Bitsum Process Lasso Pro is Windows software for process automation and optimization. From optimization algorithms like ProBalance to user-defined rules and persistent settings like processor affinities and priority classes, Process Lasso gives you complete control over application execution!

Our famous ProBalance algorithm maintains the reactivity of the system with high CPU utilization. This proprietary algorithm dynamically adjusts program execution priorities to keep track of problematic background processes. With ProBalance, single or multiple processes can no longer bring your system to virtual standstill. With Process Lasso you can interact with your computer even when busy. Try our CPUEater demo to test ProBalance.

With Process Lasso, users can also automate and customize how applications are executed through a set of unique and useful features. This includes persistent priority classes, persistent processor affinities, unauthorized processes, process performance profiles, process rule observer for extended rules, limited process instance counts, balancing of process instancesmultiple instances and much more! These features allow you to control how programs use computer resources based on automatically applied settings. With Process Lasso, you can determine exactly how your processes run.

Process Lasso is the best processor affinity change in Windows. The affinity of the processor indicates the number of processor cores that an application can run. With Process Lasso, you can control this with a permanent setting that is applied every time an application is launched, or change it dynamically while the application is running when the limit is reached. The affinity of the processor is usually modified to limit the use of the processor or to improve performance

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