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The better DS3 is a DS3 tool that allows you to configure the DualShock PS controller for use on a PC. Unlike DS3 gadgets, they are used offline and offer a less tax-free and ad-free interface.

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Play with the PlayStation controller on your PC

To play and set up the PlayStation controller on a PC, it is not as easy as an Xbox keyboard. You need drivers and software to configure buttons. To do this, we used DS3 Tools, but now there is a better DS3.

The better DS3 uses MotioninJoydriver (originally DS3 Tool) to configure the PS controller. With BetterDS3 you can create profiles and configure all buttons on your controller. It also offers some interesting options, such as displaying the battery status and automatically switching off the controller after a certain period.

A more ergonomic interface than DS3 gadgets

The most interesting aspect of Better DS3 is that it offers a simpler and easier to understand interface than the DS3 Tool interface. The better DS3 also requires no installation. You can adjust the buttons on your PlayStation controller smoothly and quickly without looking like DS3 Tools.

MotioninJoy driver required

The improved DS3 helps you with the configuration of your PlayStation controller. The only complaint we have is that you must install the MotioninJoy drive separately; the driver that came with the DS3 Tool. This means that you still need to install DS3 Tool from MotioninJoy first, but once the installation is complete, you can enjoy the better DS3 interface, which is easier and more fun to use.

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can find alternatives in the Games category.

Installation You must install the MotioninJoy driver (version 071001) to use Better DS3 (you can download it here). After MotioninJoy is installed, open it, connect your controller and go to the driver to install the driver under Hardware Location. Click on Load Loader. You can now close MotioninJoy and open DS3. Better installation completed.

Better DS3