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In addition to Call of Duty, Battlefield 4 is a two-year benchmark for the first innings. This is especially true when we look at the multiplayer mode that both games have made the most of. The fourth part of Battlefield has doubled the pressure: on the one hand, it has to show that this version is better than the previous ones, and on the other, it has to prove how well the Frostbite 3 engine is adapted to the new generation of consoles. Did he succeed?
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Few changes, but successful

As you might expect, Battlefield 4 doesn’t have a single player campaign to stay true to. On the contrary, it is boring, predictable and emotional. It’s much better than the adventures you’ll find in Battlefield 3, but it’s still a game that shows its weaknesses when playing alone.
In campaign mode, Battlefield 4 is a sequence level designed to impress the player. There are many pre-programmed scenes, enemies with limited AI, absurd dialogues and scenarios that look like other games. If you want to buy the game for this player mode, you better look elsewhere: the promotion lasts for 4 hours and is not worth it.
The fact that the single player mode is little more than side by side makes it crystal clear when you look at the game’s main menu. Multiplayer mode is the first choice on the menu and this is where Battlefield 4 gets its muscles. And never will! Compared to single player mode, multiplayer mode is a completely different story.
Multiplayer mode does not change much compared to previous versions of Battlefield. The style is unmistakable: it takes place in teams, divided into teams, requires quick but tactical action, with the help of vehicles and gives you a great sense of play on a giant battlefield. None of this changes on the battlefield 4 because it does not need it.
In the game modes you will find famous conquest and dominance modes (similar to conquest but on a smaller scale). Rush also makes a comeback, a fight between two teams, with one defending and the other attacking.
There are also two new game modes: Cancel and Clear. The first is the fight against destruction by owning a bomb used to destroy enemy targets. The action in focus is the bomb, so it is a very fast and dynamic mode. Another new addition to Defuse is the Counter-Strike style of play, with alternating modes and every step of the way; when you die you become a spectator.
The new additions are interesting and complement the classic game modes. Of course, this would not have been possible if the cards were not of the same quality. There are a total of 10 of them, and while some are better than others, they are all very well designed. Most notable is the icing on the cake and the functionality that EA really uses to sell the game:
The cards contain more or less random events that radically change the scenario you play. You’ve seen the skyscraper collapse thousands of times on the map of Shanghai, but something similar happens elsewhere: it could be a street flood, a tropical storm or some other factor. Some effects are created better than others and affect more or less the game, but in general the idea works well and is fun because it doesn’t always happen; It is a surprise factor that makes every inclusion very welcome.

Leadership is as good as ever

Although minor changes have been made to the controlsBattlefield4 remains basically the same as its predecessors. The most important new feature is that you can now cover yourself in the corners of the walls and watch and take pictures of them. This is an interesting tactical factor for photography, but not essential.
What is still rather cumbersome is driving a vehicle, a constant gap in the boot, so whether you are used to it or not, it is always a better choice not to drive. In one game, I bought a helicopter with three companions in it and I was unlucky enough to crush it inside all of us, which meant I had to waste four renewal tickets. It was really embarrassing!
Character progress is the same as always; you gain experience from different categories of soldiers, who in turn have the opportunity to unlock new weapons and mounts. Again, the game is a fantastic sensation, but it is compensated by familiarity.

New graphic engine

Compared to the previous graphics engine, the Frostbite 3 engine is impressive. Battlefield 4 is especially beautiful when you play it on a powerful computer; If you use a central computer, it always looks good but is similar to Battlefield 3. Next generation consoles can benefit from these changes more than they do today.
The sound of weapons and explosions is great, as always.

Fans of the genre really like it

Honestly, we expected 4 more from the battlefield. Expectations were very high and he was not really happy with them. But make no mistake, Battlefield 4 is a great game that focuses on those who want to play online with others. It retains the identifying features, does not change what is already working and adds new ones, but not much. This is a game that will surely appeal to your most loyal users, but do you know what? He doesn’t need it. At least not now.

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