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Any Send is a solution to a perennial problem: file sharingbetween multiple computers and betweenmobile devices. Through the same wifi connection, with Any Send you can send and receive files, regardless of format or size, and share anything with another person without using flash drives or memory (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });
Copy and paste
The process of sending and receiving files with Any Send is literally as simple as copying a fileand selecting the person to whom you want to send it. Youll find itby clicking on the Any Send icon, which will show users/devices connected to the same Wi-Fi connection from a PC, Mac or Android device.

Connect and its ready to go

Using Any Send is as simple as turning on your wifi and waiting for your friends to connect their laptops or mobile devices to the same connection. Furthermore, with the profiles, each user can add their photograph and basic information.

Rapid and reliable

The quality of AnySend doesdependon the speed of your Wi-Fi access. In any case, the application itself is very easy to use – it supports any file type orformat and theres no size limit.

Send via Wi-Fi

If you need to share a file quicklywith your friends and you dont want toconnect computers and mobile devices with cables, Any Send lets you do it through your Wi-Fi access. Simple and fast.

Any Send