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Cinema presenter, Charlotte Hawkins welcomes New Year’s Eve to the Andre Rius Castle in Maastricht from around the world. During the ceremony, Andre Rio talks to Charlotte about her life and music. It was an amazing journey; from growing up in a musical family to his days as a church choir, his marriage to Marjorie, the salon orchestra, the founder of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, the breakthrough success of the Second Waltz and his record-breaking journeys.

70 years Youth is a unique concert by Andrew Rius with a musical accent selected by Andrew himself. This unique celebration event takes you on an amazing journey around the world for the spectacular Andrew Rius Festival
Meetings like Schnbrunn Vienna, Radio City New York Music Hotel and Coronation Festival in Amsterdam.

Remember to take all your friends to this unique celebration. Special surprise guests will also attend the celebration by sharing their birthday message!

Don’t miss it!

Andr Rieu: 70